Posted in February 2012

Another reason to love balance

When I signed up for personal training, the gym manager told me that Andre would probably be the best match for me as he pointed to a buff ass dude across from where we were sitting. I gazed over to Andre’s direction. It might have appeared that I was confidently giving my potential new trainer … Continue reading

My response to student travel advice/encouragement

My trip to Australia was one part of a huge epiphany; more than anything my heart desired travel, writing, and health. Therefore, aside from booking plane tickets, I started a blog and began to aspire to write for the school newspaper. And therefore, I ended up reading the RebelYell and finding this article: In it, … Continue reading

Stubborn heart

Palm trees overhead Laying out Calm, clear skies Sexy pool Sexy black swimsuit Sexy glass containing mango/coconut cocktail Traveler stories Peace Heaven Vegas summer definitely wrapped me in its loving embrace last year, and I AM longing to be back in above scene. But my stubborn heart continues to pester me about Australia…