Another reason to love balance

When I signed up for personal training, the gym manager told me that Andre would probably be the best match for me as he pointed to a buff ass dude across from where we were sitting.

I gazed over to Andre’s direction. It might have appeared that I was confidently giving my potential new trainer a good look, but really I was staring at his muscles while my heart sank. My mind was racing back to a scene almost four years ago. Motivated Elyse walks up to the gym, notices all the swole ass dudes, and just walks away.

It is a new scene, though. I want this enough now. After almost four years of sociology, I’m starting over with sports nutrition. Not to mention the new trainer was costing me a couple o’ hundred bucks.

There’s room to be afraid-that’s only natural-but there’s no more room to be backing out. I just have to confront the initial stages; uncomfortable as that might be. Or else, there’s no moving forward.

So is life, right?

Well, that’s what I told myself on the way to the gym for my first PT sesh.

As soon as I got there, Andre was ready to start. “Ten minutes on the treadmill.”

Woah. Back up. I haven’t been on a treadmill in years! What do I do, and what’s the plan for this sesh?!

I ask him.

“Is there somewhere you’re trying to go?”

“No, I just wanna know.”

“Well, I want you to warm up for ten minutes, then I want to see where your endurance is at. Have you ever used one of these things?”

“No. I haven’t used a gym in years.”

Andre only had the survey his manager asked me to fill out to prepare for our sessions, so he had a few questions for me once I was set up on the treadmill. He let me warm up, but afterwards he did his own survey. He asked me about my weight-how much I wanted to lose: not my goal. He wrote down my goals: long distance running and overall fitness. He asked about my activity: active. He asked about my diet: healthy. He asked about my motivation level: 10 (10 being the highest).

I was surprised to see how good all my answers looked on his little paper. And I felt good about myself, because I was able to give those answers honestly.

Andre proceeded with training by getting me familiar with the gym and the equipment, and then he got me started on my new exercise regimen.

To my pleasant surprise, a few of the exercises he had for me focused on balance. He said it would be important for my running, but he also emphasized that simply, balance is everything. Oh, the bells were just going off in my head every time he made this point: Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! He had NO IDEA how much that statement resonated with me.

An hour later, we were done with the session and I was feeling good and scared at the same time. My body had finally gotten the fix it needed-some challenging physical activity. (I have been denying myself the pleasure of a run to avoid the accompanying sinus problems). But I was a little scared, thinking of all the upcoming challenges I would probably have to face.

However, I do think this is gonna be a good ride-finding my place in this world of fitness and nutrition. I just have to push myself again; perhaps, much harder than I ever have.


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