The 5 things


Study time




These are the 5 things I will always say “yes” to. I’ve always contemplated what the 5 things should be, ever since I listened to a writer’s digest webinar where the instructor introduced the idea.

These are the 5 things in order of priority in my mind. Although, family should probably be at the top.

Sometimes I feel like, for someone who tries to attain and keep balance, my life is more imbalanced compared to everyone else around me. And right now I’m writing this while my sorority and other greek organizations at my school are having fun at a philanthropy event, and I’m wondering-how do they do it? Are they struggling in a class like me? Do they work as much as me? Do they have healthier social relationships than me?

But perhaps they and all the other perfectly balanced lives around me don’t even have their 5 things. Who says they even have priorities?

I don’t know. Maybe they don’t; maybe they do. And maybe there is something wrong with my approach to life.

But I think that just as much as I have to accept that it isn’t ideal for me to study in Australia, it isn’t ideal to be “that” person anymore; “that” college, sorority, Orientation Leader kid.

When I made the decision not to apply for study abroad in Oz, I had to consider how much more potential there was for me to grow in my endeavors here at home. Had I left, I’d probably have a blast being “that” girl again, but I’d be tight on the funds to continue my search for travel and fitness and health. I’d probably return only to continue searching for “my place” and my passion.

I guess this position that I am in is just the continuation of that realization. I’ve reached the point in my life where I am over all-nighters and late nights at the nearest fast food joint, and waking up to just roll with the punches of each day. I’m over spending time in moments that are fun but that don’t count towards my dreams.

Now I need structure. And I want peace. Peace from knowing that I have taken one more step towards excellence in what I do. And peace from spending time with the people that really, truly matter.

It feels like a struggle against normalcy. But I have also never been so much more at peace with myself and my direction. I wake up everyday full of passion, purpose, and faith in the future.


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